A320 Motorized PRO Throttle - TQ (FSC)

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Motorized Professional Throttle Quadrant / Thrust Levers Set for Airbus A320 style Flight Simulators.


-Motorized Trim Wheels

-Software driven Backlight

-Engine 1 , 2 start switches , Norm, Crank, Start selector

-Fire and Fault annunciators -Metal construction

-FSX, P3D, X-plane full compatibility

-Project Magenta, Prosim, Jeehell FMGS compatible.

-Prosim, Magenta and JeeHell LAN interface

-Aerosoft Airbus X, Extended, and A320/321 Fadec emulation USB Joy via LAN

This set of flight controls is engineered to meet the needs of training centers and advanced simulation enthusiasts. Sturdily built, it's designed to be a perfect replica both in aesthetics, functionality and feeling. From the precise mechanical interlink system between the thrust levers and the reversers to the perfect motorized trim wheels scale, everything in this TQ is aimed at realism and reliability.

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Artikelnummer 146292

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