A10C simulation system

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A10 C ultra realistic flight simulation system
            for commercial entertainment use and flight enthusiasts

          replicated aluminium / wood enclosure
             (painted in custom colour)
          close to real appearance
          all panels are produced like the real aicraft panels
              with a 3 layer colour system
          based on DCS simulation software
          all units, UFC, CDU, CMSP, ACFT SYSTEMS
              and gauges work like in the real unit

          Thrustmaster controls for stick and throttle
             (HOTAS) and rigid rudder pedals for ultimate realism
          GFK-replicated jumpseat
          build in industrial hot plugable CAN Bus
              System for I/O
          build in computers and dimmable backlighting
          basic 3 channel audio system
          CE Power supply 220V


          additional visual computers
          Radio Units
          Audio System
          HUD System
          3-6 projector Visual Dome system
(3m or 5m diameter)

Please consider that the declared price only includes the basics.

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SKU A10C Komplettsystem

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