A320 Sidestick PRO-CELL captain side (FSC)

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A320 Sidestick PRO-CELL captain side with proportional passive force feedback and load-cells.

Special version suitable for certification purposes.


New version of the Sidestick A320 PRO - First Officer side - which uses a circuit engineered by FSC for the certification process of the simulator.

Thanks to the use of high precision load cells, the sidestick is able to accurately provide the necessary data for the certification process through the QTG.


-Proportional Force Feedback
-Locking solenoid for Autopilot function, with mechanical disengage and electronic disengage for both sides.
-Engineered and produced by FSC
-Solid body built with precision CNC machined parts, made of aluminium, Ergal aircraft alloy and special steels.
-USB and LAN interface for professional applications
-Handle made of Single pressed Aluminium body
-MIL-A OTTO 2.5 lbs pressure A/P Disengage button
-The junction with handle is made with nuts and Double HD-15 connector, as the original A320 one
-You can use the original A320 stick handle without modification
-High Quality Rubber Gaiter replica
-RS232 Integrated Interface for professional purpouses
-GPIO/GPI interface for Tiller input
-12bit high precision A/D converter for accurate axis reading

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SKU 200491

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