CAN Master Controller 4 OUT


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 CAN Master Controller 4 OUT

This is the heart of the new unique Input / Output solution for Gauges, Panels and Controls.

The first real Plug & Play solution.
The only thing you have to consider is which data wrapper corresponds to the simulator you want to use.

You don't need any additional configuration.
You will need only one Master Controller per cockpit.
Because of its 4 outputs you can wire up the Main Panel, the Avionics and the Overhead with one line only.

Just plug the Panels or gauges, controls to the bus even when it's running.

  • no USB drivers
  • intelligent Panels and Gauges
  • No Offsets configuration
  • all components are daisy chained
  • less cables and easy wiring

Wrapper for FSX, P3D, DSC, Condor and X-Plane availible

Additional Software and customisation are possilble and available on request.

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