Simparts Production Technology



1. How are our lightplates manufactured? is manufacturing all backlighted lightplates in accordance with aviation standards. When construction of 3D part, PCB and programming CAM system is done production run can start.


1. 2-3 side Milling of PMMA with a 3D High Speed Cutting machine.

2. Tempering milled parts in the oven at 90 degree celsius to reduce stress in the PMMA.
2a. soldering 0.5 mm PCB with either incandecent lamps or PLCC LED with resistor
Quality check of backlighting PCB.

3. Spraypainting back of lightplate with special lasercoating transluscent white.

4. Spraypainting front side of lightplate with special lasercoating transluscent white
4a. QC of white finish with PCB
4b. airbrushing to avoid hotspots

5. Spraypainting back with special black Lasercoating

6. Spraypainting front with special black Lasercoating

7. If black is not final coating additional spraypainting of final colour

8. Milling of back, widening lightcutouts with 0,05 mm

9. Laserengraving with fibre laser (moving 2 colour layers final colour and black).

10. Pressing brass inserts for M2 screws for mounting PCB.

11. Assembling PCB and quality check.




2. How are our backplates manufactured?

1. Milling or CNC lasercutting of backplates from 1,5 - 3mm AlMg3

2. Preparing DZUS holes and holes for distance holders and PEM nut inserts

3. Inserting PEM nuts M3 or M4 for mounting lightplates

4. Primering with special aluminium primer

5. Spraypainting final colour




3. Kann Simsystems original Lighplates reparieren oder aufarbeiten?

Yes, because of this technological capabilies simsystems repair, modify and refurbish illuminated cockpit control panels for simulation use only. We have refurbished various military and commerical aircraft and helicopter cockpits, bringing the panels to a better than new condition.




4. Can we produce customized panels?

Yes, as simsystems is specialized in short run fabrication. Our in-house design services are provided by an experienced team of engineers and fabricators. From print to production, the entire process is completed rapidly and efficiently. We can start your project via blueprint or bring us your existing panel and we will duplicate it.